Establishing Identity: LGBT Studies and Music Education

Electronic Conference Proceedings

May 23 through 26, 2010
University of Illinois
School of Music
Urbana, Illinois

Opening statement
Bergonzi, L.

Keynote Address "I Always Think There’s A Band, Kid:" Queer Music Education Lost
Gould, E.

Queer Path and Career Path: A Phenomenological Study
Cavicchia, J.

The Go To Guy
Duling, E

"Off the Radar": Reflections of Lesbian and Gay Undergraduates on their Experiences within High School Music Programs
Fitzpatrick, K. R. & Hansen, E.

The Lived Experiences of a Lesbian Instrumental Music Educator
Furman, L. J.

LGBT Self-Identity and Implications in the Emerging Music Education Dialogue
Haywood, J.

Sexuality and the Construction of Instrumental Music Teacher Identity
Natale-Abramo, M.         

Proud Voices: Queer Sounds in the Concert Hall and Beyond
Pergolesi, J.

Starting the Conversation in Music Teacher Education Programs
Sweet, B. & Paparo, S. A.                                 

Discourses Surrounding Marginalized Groups, LGBTQ Issues, and Music Learning and Teaching Practices in Season 1 of Glee
Talbot, B. C. & Millman, M. B.

Inclusive Music Education–An Oxymoron? Reflections through the Lens of Social Justice
Younker, B. A.    

Keynote Address, Visibility and Ambivalence: Thoughts on Queer Institutionalization
Hubbs, N.

"Visibility and Ambivalence: Thoughts on Queer Institutionalization" A Response to Nadine Hubbs
DeNardo, G. F.

Keynote Address, "Queer Studies in Education: Some Research Portraits"
Rodriguez, N.

Rethinking Gender and Music Education: A Rejoinder to Nelson Rodriguez
Jorgensen, E. R.

Closing Comments
Madsen, C.

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